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Frederick T. Olive, RVT

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New London, NH
SVU Member since 2014

Work History (for full work history, see resume/CV attached above)

  • Technical Director – Core Lab
    Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
    Lebanon, NH
  • Vascular Technologist
    York Hospital
    York, ME
  • Vascular Sonographer/Lead Sonographer
    University of Mississippi Medical Center
    Jackson, MS


  • BA in Biology/Antrhopology from University of Mississippi

Additional Skills

Previous career in government oversight, Advisory Board member for Vascular Ultrasound program, and years of experience training new students.

Other Professional/Leadership Activities:

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography Advisory Committee, Hinds Community College 2003-2006
  • Presenter, Northern New England Vascular Society

Candidate Statement

I would like to make a difference to SVU and the profession of vascular ultrasound by becoming more involved in shaping the future of vascular ultrasound and how it is perceived in the care chain of patients. I have always strived to be at the top of my field no matter where I have worked, but I never got involved outside of my area. After arriving at Dartmouth-Hitchcock and observing the difference people like Dr. Robert Zwolak, Anne Musson, Nancy Gardner, and Betty LaBombard have made in the field of Vascular Ultrasound, I have wanted to become more involved on the national level. Our lab continues to be involved in research and contributing to papers but has not been as involved in regional and national vascular groups as former employees were. I wish to change that starting with myself.

I know the impact SVU’s advocacy has had on the field as far as perception and salary. I also know the work continues. Change is the only constant. I want to be a part of the group that helps this field shape and navigate that change. With individual states issuing medical imaging licenses, changes in healthcare laws, new accreditation guidelines, changes in Medicare reimbursement, and changes in medical care itself, the need for SVU is as important as ever.

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