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Jessica R. Kralec, RDMS, RVT, RPhS

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Monkton, MD
SVU Member since 2001

Work History

  • Technical Director
    Vein Center at Greater Baltimore Medical Center
    Baltimore, MD
    April 2017-present
  • Staff Sonographer/Lead Technologist
    Advanced Radiology
    Baltimore, MD
    2007-April 2017
  • RVT
    Vascular Surgery Associates
    Baltimore, MD


  • Certificate of Ultrasound from University of Maryland-Baltimore County
  • AAS in Radiologic Sciences from Chesapeake College Radiology Program

Additional Skills

  • Leadership– Have orchestrated and lead many initiatives in multiple vascular practices resulting in improved operations.
  • Drive
    • Have trained for and completed several 50K trail running races
    • Successfully completed the RPhS credential not because my job required, but because it broadened my knowledge and thus benefited the patients I scan.
  • Confidence– Lengthy vascular focused career has provided a great foundation to support my decision making, but always looking to learn also!
  • Flexible and Adaptable to change– Able to address issues and concerns with innovative approaches.
  • Efficient, Organized and Reliable– Great at being a team player too .

Relevant Professional Experience

  • Over twenty years’ experience conducting diagnostic imaging procedures in various hospitals, wound center and outpatient centers.
  • Registered in Vascular, OB/GYN, abdomen and breast. Registered Phlebology Sonographer.
  • Expertise in vascular procedures including abdominal, mesenteric, renal, transplant, carotid, bypass grafts, venous mapping, upper and lower extremity venous studies including reflux testing and duplex, upper and lower extremity arterial testing including thoracic outlet and pseudoaneurysms.
  • Experience in the operative room setting providing sterile ultrasound guidance for endothermal venous ablations and chemical ablations.
  • General experience in pelvic, gyn, small parts, abdomen, OB and breast.
  • Managing the day to day operations of the vascular lab.
  • Committed to providing high-quality ultrasound services and catering to patient needs during exams.
  • Able to work in a fast-paced office setting efficiently and independently.
  • CPR certified.

SVU Service

  • 8/2018– Presented a poster case study at the SVU conference–Perioperative Ultrasound for Endothermal Ablation: Necessary or Superfluous?
  • 12/2018– Vol 42 Number 4 Published article in the Journal of Vascular Ultrasound Perioperative Ultrasound for Endothermal Ablation: Necessary or Superfluous?
  • 8/2019– Presented a poster case study at the SVU conference–One Month Postoperative Venous Duplex for Endothermal Venous Ablation: Why Do It?
  • 2019– Served as member CME Committee
  • 2019– Served as member Awards Committee
  • 2019– Served as member on the Member Outreach Committee
  • 1/2020– Chair, Member Outreach Committee
  • 1/2020– Co-Chair, Awards Committee
  • 2020– Served as member CME committee
  • 1/2020– submitted two abstracts for possible presentation at the annual SVU conference:
    • Do Waveforms Matter? Yes They Do! A Case in Point
    • Not Just a Dog Bite: Unmasking Underlying Chronic Venous Insufficiency
  • 4/17/2020– Presented Lower Extremity Venous Testing webinar to University of MD Baltimore County Vascular Ultrasound Program Students

Other Professional/Leadership Activities:

  • Established all recommended best practice activities for our vascular lab.
  • Wrote and developed an extensive library of protocols for all vascular testing procedures performed in our vascular practice.
  • Wrote and developed a COVID-19 vascular lab protocol for our vascular practice.
  • Planned and managed successful vascular IAC accreditation for vascular practice.
  • Planned and coordinated Vein Center IAC accreditation for vascular practice.
  • Sought, hired, trained and managed additional vascular sonographers as the practice has grown.
  • Pursued and researched difficult or complex cases for analysis, learning, discussion and potential presentation internally and externally.
  • Published research and shared findings with the vascular community.
  • Managed outpatient vascular ultrasound screenings and patient education.
  • Oversaw implementation of vascular ultrasound students training and education in vascular lab.

Candidate Statement

I would like to make a difference to SVU and the profession of vascular ultrasound by … enhancing the capabilities of the SVU to deliver on the primary mission. In concert with other committee and board members, I can enable my fellow SVU members to do their best work through effective representation, creative approaches to issues or concerns, and consistent, well-thought decision making that both reflects the best interests of the SVU members and the health and safety of the patient. Through my twenty plus years of vascular ultrasound, my excitement to deliver on improving my lab and my own capabilities has been unwavering. With the help of fellow committee and board members and through the SVU, I’d like to leverage that excitement and determination to continue improving the vascular profession. My drive has led me to train for, run and complete multiple SOK (31 mile) running races and pursue multiple vascular specialties and accreditations. I am excited to bring my capabilities to the board, to listen and learn from other leaders in my profession and to work together to support and improve the vascular ultrasound community for our members and our patients.

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