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Tony J. Smet, BS, RDMS, RVT

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Livermore, CA
SVU Member since 2005

Work History (for full work history, see resume/CV attached above)

  • Technical Director
    Vascular Surgery Group
    San Leandro, CA
    November 2013-present
  • Lead Technologist
    Central Valley Vascular Center
    Yakima, WA
    February 2010-November 2013
  • Vascular Technologist
    Vascular Surgery Group
    San Leandro, CA
    August 2005-February 2010


  • BS in Business from California State University, East Bay
  • AAS in Cardiovascular Technology from Southeast Technical Institute

Additional Skills

Digital communications experience.

Relevant Professional Experience

I’m a product of an CAAHEP accredited vascular program, with focused experience in the vascular laboratory working under the wings of board certified vascular surgeons and technologists who are pillars of vascular technology. I have used my education and training to focus on patient care, technologist advocacy and progression of the vascular technology profession. We support multiple vascular education programs and routinely develop students for vascular careers. In the vascular laboratory, my experience and focus is driving our development of new protocols and procedures for working in post-COVID environments while maintaining a high standard of care.

SVU Service

  • QIRC Committee Member, 2018-present. Work closely with David Williams to develop protocol, criteria, data gathering metric and delegate workload.
  • Peer reviewer of JVU Manuscripts in 2019. Mentored by Steve Talbot on the role and process of proper peer reviewing of manuscripts. This is a very rewarding process and I am proud to have the privilege to contribute.
  • JVU question developer. Guided by Barton Bean on how to develop CME questions for JVU articles 2016-2017
  • Assist Planning Committee during hands-on sessions  for SVU Annual Conferences 2016

Other Professional/Leadership Activities:

As an officer of Northwest Vascular Technologists I develop the website and newsletters for 450 members.  I have been serving in this capacity since 2011 and have gained experience in preparing communications to the NWVT body as well as the importance of providing current and detailed information for public consumption on the website.

This might prove especially useful to the Society given more and more communications with the membership is becoming digital.  Examples of this are e-spectrum, webinars as well as the need for current and historical information on the SVU website.

Candidate Statement

I would like to make a difference to SVU and the profession of vascular ultrasound by offering thoughtful perspectives on the promotion and advocacy for professional excellence and advancements.

From my time as a junior registered vascular technologist scanning a very full schedule, to the technical director position for the laboratories I oversee today, I have relied on two things to guide my career path.  These two things are the importance of the fundamentals of vascular technology and our responsibility to the patient.  As a member of the board, I hope to make contributions which facilitate progression of the vascular technology field with these values at the forefront of my mind.

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