Picture of Brian Sapp

Brian Sapp, RVT, RPhS

Technologist Director
Newnan, GA

“I will make a difference to SVU and the profession of vascular ultrasound by….”

I believe in the Society for Vascular Ultrasound and hold the organization in the highest esteem. Over my career, the SVU has been a primary educational resource, my clinical guide, and a go-to resource for the vascular testing community. It would be an honor to serve the organization and work with many of the individuals that I highly respect in the field of vascular ultrasound. I believe my vast experience as a technologist, consultant, owner, and educator allows me to bring a diversified perspective to the organization. My experience in social media, web marketing, and previous executive leadership have prepared me for the organization’s needs. I hope that my experience and passion would be an asset to the Society for Vascular Ultrasound.