Operational Committees

Annual Conference Committee

Plans the format, scientific content, topics and speakers for the Annual Conference.

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Abstracts Committee

Reviews, scores and selects abstracts submitted by authors, for presentation at the SVU Annual Conference.

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Awards Committee

Administers the SVU Awards program and establishes policy and procedures for awards, with Board approval.

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Continuing Medical Education (CME) Committee

Oversees and approves educational programs designed to provide attendees with CME credits.

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E-Learning Committee

Creates webinars annually on cutting-edge topics featuring a variety of knowledgeable speakers for the SVU Webinar Series, and explores other digital learning opportunities for SVU members.

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Meetings Committee

Plans and provides for educational, regional and special topic meetings, with plans approved by the Board of Directors.

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Membership Outreach Committee

Establishes criteria and procedures for admission, retention and severance of members as specified in the Bylaws.

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Quality Improvement and Research Committee (QIRC)

Explores and pursues research projects of value to the field of vascular ultrasound.

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Ad Hoc Committees

Academics Committee

Reviews various educational opportunities.

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Professional Performance Guidelines (PPG) Committee

Reviews and edits the SVU Professional Performance Guidelines every three years.

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Ethics Committee

Review ethics issues, incidents or complaints brought to the Board of Directors, Executive Committee or President.

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Administrative Committees

Advocacy Committee

The voice of vascular ultrasound to government bodies, working your behalf on a host of policy issues affecting the profession.

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Fellows Committee

Recommends qualified candidates for induction as SVU Fellow.

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Finance Committee

Directs the financial activities of the organization.

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Governance Committee

Oversees nominations, elections, selection and appointment of Board and Executive Committee members.

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"I truly believe that if it were not for those SVU members who have come before us, volunteering their time, money and effort to promote the field of vascular technology/ ultrasound, I would not have a job right now in a profession that I love. If you get involved, you help shape the changes that will come."

Joseph P. Hughes, Past SVU President, RVT RVS FSVU