The SVU maintains a strong and highly successful advocacy program.

What is Advocacy? Advocacy is the presentation of the unified voice of the profession to policy makers at the federal and state level, including Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), Congress and state legislatures.

Position Papers

SVU Position Papers detail SVU’s official position on issues and standards affecting the clinical practice of vascular ultrasound and sonography education.

Get Involved

From time to time, the SVU Advocacy Committee reaches out to SVU’s members to gather information and feedback to determine the impact of policy and reimbursement issues on vascular labs and individual sonographers. These CALLS TO ACTION are generally sent by email, and may involve a short survey. Your responses are critical as we make our case for our profession with policy makers.


SVU recognizes our role in the greater healthcare community. As such, we partner in a variety of ways with a variety of allied stakeholders.

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SVU advocates on behalf of the profession in important areas as state licensing issues, physician supervision, credentialing standards, and quality of care, as well as works with CMS to help ensure appropriate reimbursement schedules.

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The capitol building in Washington DC

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