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As vascular sonographers, our number one goal is to ensure your safety and health. Going in for a vascular examination can be a confusing and frightening time if you don’t know what to expect, but luckily we have some resources below that can help you out!

We have information on the various exams you may undergo, the different diagnoses you may receive, how to prepare for your exam and more!


Sonography Basics

You’re ready for your exam, but you still have one last question: who will be performing my exam, and what exactly do they do? Check out the questions below.

Exam Info

You’ve been scheduled for a vascular exam, but what does that mean and what could be the possible outcomes?

Types of Vascular Diseases


Types of Vascular Exams


Prepare for Your Exam

Find out what steps you should take to get ready for your exam.

Downloads & Hand Outs

Patient Education Pamphlets (PEPs)

These Patient Education Pamphlets are available to download for free, and are intended for individual use. To order multiple copies of a pamphlet, please contact the SVU Office at +1 (301) 459-7550.

Other Resources

Find additional information on your vascular health through some of our partners.