The SVU Foundation is committed to improving the quality of research in the field of vascular ultrasound, something our field has been sorely lacking.

This is mainly done through the Foundation’s Quality Improvement and Research Committee (QIRC), which explores and pursues research projects of value to the field of vascular ultrasound. QIRC is unique among SVU committees in that it resides within the SVU Foundation. It is responsible for soliciting and evaluating research proposals, overseeing the projects and disseminating the findings.

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Call for Abstracts

Each fall, SVU puts out a Call for Abstracts/Papers for its upcoming Annual Conference. See information on how to submit your paper here.

Submit a Manuscript to JVU

The Journal for Vascular Ultrasound is the only scientific journal dedicated to vascular ultrasound. Published quarterly, we are always looking for new articles and ideas. See how to submit your manuscript to JVU here.

Ongoing Research

The SVU Foundation, through its Quality Improvement & Research Committee (QIRC), is currently undertaking research in the following areas:

PilotStanding vs. Reverse Trendelenburg

Recent Research

The Quality Improvement & Research Committee (QIRC) undertook a methodical examination of three years of articles in the Journal for Vascular Ultrasound. Their analysis identifies where recent research has occurred and where it is published. (Jan. 2020)


Research Opportunities

There are several ways you can submit your research to SVU, or secure funding for your research from another organization.

Research Grants

Are you planning a research project and need funding?

While SVU does not issue research grants, other organizations such as the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) do offer grants. The call for proposals for these grants is typically announced in the first quarter of each year.

The Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) Research Committee has small community grants available annually, the call for proposals is also announced in the first quarter of each year.


Research Resources

Aspiring researchers who have data but need help packaging it for presentation, please reach out to

Aspiring authors who would like assistance polishing their manuscript for publication in JVU, please contact Member Outreach Committee Chair Jessica Kralec at