Track Your CME

View your completed SVU CME transcripts on the ULearn portal.

CME Reporting

SVU sends weekly CME reports for all of our members to ARDMS/APCA and CCI. All we need from you is your ARDMS/APCA/CCI number, and we’ll do the rest! Please note that this service is only offered to active SVU members.

I Earned CME Credits, Why Are They Not Appearing In My CME Bank?

There are several different reasons why your earned SVU-CME credits are not appearing in your CME Bank with ARDMS/APCA or CCI.

Reasons include:
  • We don’t have your number listed on your profile. We need your full number to transfer your credits.
  • Your name on your SVU profile does not exactly match your name with ARDMS/APCA or CCI. If there is any discrepancy between the name listed on your respective profiles (such as a missing middle initial, or use of a nickname), the credits will not transfer.
  • Still not sure why your credits aren’t showing up? Please email at