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September 9 / 7:45 pm
September 12 / 4:30 pm
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Wednesday, September 9, 2020
7:45 PM ETOpening RemarksGeorge Berdejo
SESSION 18:00 - 8:30 PM ESTKeynote AddressSteve Talbot “Staying Together... Apart” - Touch"ing", Compassionate, Person-Centered  Care In A No Touch, Impersonal World
8:30 - 10:00 PM ESTState of the SocietyModerator: Josh Lee
Kelly ByrnesState of the Society
James WilkinsonMembership and Finances
Josh LeeAdvocacy Update
Robert ZwolakMajor News Impacting Vascular Lab Reimbursement
John CarsonSVU Foundation Update
Kelly Byrnes, Josh Lee, James WilkinsonPanel Discussion
 Thursday, September 10, 2020
11:15 AM ESTOpening RemarksGeorge Berdejo, Karen Burns, Jill Sommerset
SESSION 211:30 AM - 1:00 PM ESTLower Extremity EvaluationModerator: Jill Sommerset
John Carson, MDImportance of and How to Perform the History and Physical Examination in the Patient with Varicose Veins - This Will Guide The Ultrasound Examination
Rick DubinOptimizing The Patient And The Equipment To Maximize The Experience For The Sonographer: Focus on Equipment Set-Up, Dynamic Optimization, Patient Positioning, Probe Approaches, Protocol And Criteria
Donna Kelley, RVT, RPhS, RDMSVenous Duplex Ultrasound Protocols, Techniques and Tips for Reflux Evaluation of Lower Extremity Veins
Sara Skjonsberg RVT, RPhSInteresting and Unusual Lower Extremity Venous Case Review
Panel DiscussionAll Speakers
1:00 - 2:00 PM ESTLunch and Learn
3:00 PM ESTInnovation Stations
3:30 PM ESTInnovation Stations
4:00 PM ESTInnovation Stations
4:30 PM ESTInnovation Stations
SESSION 35:00 - 6:25 PM ESTPelvic Venous DisordersModerator: Jill Sommerset
Mark Meissner, MDHow and When I Use Duplex Ultrasound: Clinical Signs and Symptoms and Diagnostic Findings That Should Prompt An Evaluation For Pelvic Venous Disorders
Sara Skjonsberg RVT, RPhSVenous Duplex Ultrasound Protocols, Techniques and Tips for Evaluation for Pelvic Venous Disorders
Mariah ElliotReal Time Scannning - Pelvic Vein Imaging
Nicos LabropoulosInteresting and Unusual Venous Case Review for Pelvic Venous Disorders
5 minute break
6:30 - 7:30 PM ESTClash of The TitansModerator: Laurence Needleman
Debate INicos LabropoulosReflux Testing Should Be Performed In The Standing Position Only Unless There is Some Strong Reason Not to
Patrick DeMuthThis is Overkill, Reversed Trendelenburg and/or Legs Dangling is Enough For Most Patients
5 minute break
Debate IIJohn CarsonPost Ablation Evaluation Is A Must Have In Every Patient
Thomas O'DonnellRubbish, The Complications are Low And The Cost Is High: Selective Evaluation is Better
7:35 - 8:05 PM ESTCombined Panel DiscussionAll speakers
 Friday, September 11, 2020
11:15 AM ESTOpening RemarksGeorge Berdejo, Karen Burns, Jill Sommerset
SESSION 411:30 AM - 1:35 PM ESTCarotid Disease IModerator: Heather Gornik
Heather GornikIAC Carotid Criteria Consensus Project Update
Phil BendickA Numerical Criterion Must Consider Measurement Error And Physiologic Variability
Ann Marie KupinskiThe Clinical Spectrum Of Carotid Artery Disease: What The Vascular Sonographer Should Know: History, Indications, Symptoms and Risk Factors and Why It Matters
Leslie ScouttThe Vertebral Artery Evaluation: More Than Just Flow Direction
Gene ZierlerCurrent Therapies For Carotid Artery Disease
Heather GornikThe Human Angle
5 minute break
Carotid Disease II - Case Based LearningModerator: Heather Gornik
Carol Miranda
The Effects Of The Cardiac Dysfunction on the Carotid Evaluation
Leni KarrValue Added Role of Transcranial Doppler in Patient with Carotid Artery Symptoms
Melissa WarrenUltrasound Findings Post TCAR And Other Carotid Interventions
Sandra YesenkoNon-Atherosclerotic Carotid Pathology
Leslie ScouttDeconstructing Diagnostic Dilemmas In Difficult Cases – What To Do When The Criteria Doesn’t Fit
Combined Panel DiscussionAll Speakers
1:40 - 2:35 PM ESTLunch and Learn
3:30 PM ESTInnovation Stations
4:00 PM ESTInnovation Stations
4:30 PM ESTInnovation Stations
SESSION 55:00 - 6:35 PM ESTArterial I - Lower Extremity Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease: From The Physical Exam to The Post Intervention Follow-Up Moderator: Gene Zierler
Ann Marie KupinskiHistory And Physical Assessment: A “Novel” Technique?
Sergio X. Salles-CunhaClinical Utility And Pitfalls Of The Ankle Brachial Index And Other Physiologic Testing
Leslie WormelyStrategic Use Of Duplex Ultrasound: Scanning Smartly Based on the Presentation and Clinical Setting
Chris LesarClinical Decision Making Based On Result Of Non-Invasive Testing: This Is How I Do
Gene ZierlerPost-Operative Surveillance: Who, How and When is Appropriate?
Panel DiscussionAll speakers
5 minute break
SESSION 66:40 - 8:25 PM ESTArterial II – Wounds And Advanced Arterial Evaluations in The Setting Of Chronic Limb Threatening Ischemia (CLTI)Moderator: Jill Sommerset
John CarsonThe ABCs Of Wound Characterization And Why Its Important
TBDThe Role of Physiologic Testing in the Setting of CLTI
Jill SommersetNovel Uses Of Arterial Duplex Ultrasound In Patients With CLTI
Chris LesarHow The Physician Utilizes The Ultrasound Results In Operative Planning In Standard And Novel Interventions – Case Based Presentation
Jill SommersetHuman Angle
Real Time Imaging With The Experts Jill SommersetPedal Arch and Plantar Acceleration Time
Panel DiscussionAll speakers
 Saturday, September 12, 2020
8:30 AM ESTOpening RemarksGeorge Berdejo, Karen Burns, Jill Sommerset
SESSION 78:40 - 10:00 AM ESTAbdominal Imaging: Image Optimization, Screening, Post-Operative Surveillance And Case Based LearningModerator: Jo Polak
Mani MontazemiOptimizing Your Image and Your Technique
Laurence NeedlemanAAA Screening: Who, Why And When
Melissa WarrenUltrasound Imaging Protocol For AAA Surveillance
Brian FowlerPost-Intervention Imaging: Tailoring Your Ultrasound To The Specific Endograft Devices
Jo PolakCase Based Learning – Complications and Interesting Ultrasound Findings Post EVAR Repair
Sara SkjonsbergThe Human Angle
Real Time Imaging With The Experts
Melissa WarrenEndograft Imaging
Bob DejongRenal Artery Imaging
Mani MontazemiHepato-Portal Imaging
Panel DiscussionAll speakers
5 minute break
SESSION 810:05 - 11:15 AM ESTPre-Operative Planning Through Access Creation To Post-Operative Surveillance For Patency And ComplicationsModerator: John Carson
Brian HemblingPreoperative Vein Mapping – Technical Tips
Dr. Desarom TesoHow I Use Ultrasound Findings To Determine Operative Plan: From The Standard Wrist Fistula To More Exotic Dialysis Access – 4 Case Studies
Tish PoeWhen Access Compromise is Suspected – From the Dialysis Unit to the Vascular Lab: What Elevated Venous Pressures, Recirculation Times, Difficult Access Portends for The Vascular Sonographer
TBDHemodialysis Access Interventions
Christina FieldsPost-Operative Surveillance Duplex Ultrasound Protocols
Real Time Imaging With The Experts Christina FieldsDialysis Access Surveillance
Panel DiscussionAll speakers
5 minute break
SESSION 911:15 AM - 12:15 PM ESTGRAND ROUNDS: Unprecedented Challenges For the Vascular CommunityModerators: George Berdejo, Karen Burns
"Round Table Discussion"David Dawson, JP Huges, Kelly ByrnesThe Impact of COVID-19 on 2020 and Beyond
David Dawson, JP Huges, Kelly ByrnesAddressing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in 2020
12:15 - 1:00 PM ESTLUNCH
1:00 - 1:35 PM ESTModerator: Laurence Needelman
Debate IIISteve Knight60 Degrees Or Bust For The Estimation Of ICA Stenosis
Frank MieleNonsense, There Is A Much Better Option
5 minute break
SESSION 111:40 - 3:10 PM ESTIssues Related To Flow, Flow Dynamics, And Flow Waveform Analysis In Vascular TestingModerator: Esther Kim
Esther KimWaveform Analysis Taskforce Update
Laurence NeedlemanDissecting The Arterial Waveform (Reversed Flow Component, Resistance, Upstroke)
Patrick WashkoIndirect Waveform Analysis – When NOT Seeing is Believing!
Brian FowlerUnusual and Unexpected Funky Peripheral Waveforms (LVADs, Balloon Pumps etc)
Matt AllenHemodialysis Access Flow Waveform Changes In Normal and Abnormal Conditions
Natalia Fendrikova Mahlay, MDAudible Waveform Analysis (Peripheral Arterial and Venous and Cerebrovascular)
Jill Sommerset (Toe Amputation Case)Human Angle
Panel DiscussionAll Speakers
5 minute break
SESSION 123:15 - 4:15 PM ESTPractice EnhancementMdoerator: Karen BurnsCreativity Is The New Productivity In The Vascular Lab
TBDWhat Is Productive Capacity? How To Manage It And Why It Matters
Dejah R. Judelson, MDImportance Of The Physician-Sonographer Relationship
Laurence NeedlemanOn Call In The Vascular Lab: A Necessary Evil Or A Poor Use Of Limited Resources
Stan OrtArtificial Intelligence in Vascular Sonography
Panel DiscussionAll panelists
4:15 - 4:25 PM ESTClosing Remarks>George Berdejo, Karen Burns, Jill Sommerset