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Get involved! Support SVU! And continue a life-long voyage of continuing education to ensure your position as an expert in a field of vascular technology. Therapeutic vascular procedures may change, but ultrasound and Doppler continue to solidify its reputation as the most accurate, non-invasive and cost-effective technology available. Your job is to make sure you can understand, adapt and even develop new techniques to assist the clinician in making a vascular diagnosis. SVU will help educate you, connect you with colleagues to support and mentor you and provide you with a platform to deliver your ideas and discoveries.

Terrance D. Case, MEd RVTS
Assistant Professor and Program Director
Bachelor of Health Science/Vascular Sonography Program
Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale , FL

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Students must be full time undergraduate or graduate students in an accredited vascular or diagnostic medical sonography program and must submit a letter of verification from the department head or registrar certifying your current student status and date of graduation.

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