Jeff Stanley, RVT BS

Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute, Nashville, TN

29 years experience as Vascular Sonographer, member of SVT/SVU every year since 1990 – right after receiving my Bachelors Degree in Cellular Biology from The University of Tennessee at Knoxville.  Currently serves on CME committee beginning in 2019, served as founding Secretary for the Southeastern Vascular Association from 2009 to 2012, published three journal articles from 1994-1997 for The Journal of Vascular Technology, one of which was considered for the Award for Excellence in Scientific Research in 1995.  Has been Technical Director of the Vascular Lab at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in the Heart and Vascular Institute since June 2018.  Previously served as Vascular Lab Manager at The Surgical Clinic in Nashville, Tennessee.  Lives in Nashville, TN with my wife and two sons.  Avid hockey fan, spent the last 15 years watching and coaching my two sons in youth hockey in Nashville, TN.